Our selection of fish, corals and live rock is enormous! And of course, our knowledge is unparalled. So have some fun…watch your room come alive with a large aquarium or a nano tank.

Saltwater Tank Services - Fish World Richmond VA
Come see our spectacular 1200 gallon living reef display.

Beautify your home

A custom aquarium from Fish World adds value, beauty, and prestige to your home. Our designers build specifically to your preference and space, from a variety of aquarium and cabinetry materials. We will meet with you, your architect, or designer to ensure your aquarium blends seamlessly with the style of your home.

Not only is your aquarium sure to be fascinating for your friends and guests but additionally an ever changing world unfolding before your childrens eyes! This is not just living decor, but a lesson in science as well.

There are many choices when planning out how your aquarium will look in your room, whether you choose to have a beautiful aquarium installed directly into a wall, used as a room divider to be seen from both sides, or an aquarium with its own unique cabinet stand and canopy, we are there to help you plan it all.

A tranquil work environment

Your custom saltwater aquarium is a display of natural beauty and an ultimate expression of the individuality of your business. Amazing color and mesmerizing motion quickly become a soothing experience in the everyday life of your office.

Fish World’s aquatic specialist have designed custom aquariums for many distinguished companies, hotels, offices, and restaurants. We offer brilliantly colored exotic saltwater isntallations and we are known on the east coast as the premier source for living coral reef aquariums.

When it comes to maintaining your aquarium, you can learn to maintain your aquarium or simply enjoy its beauty by allowing our staff of aquatic specialsts to keep your tank healthy and vibrant. We are there for you whatever you may choose.

We are dedicated to helping you maintain your aquarium either through providing maintenance service from our staff or teaching you the hobbyist how to maintain your own aquarium. Please talk to our staff about scheduling if you would like to have us maintain your home or office aquarium or ask for an appointment to have us teach you!

We provide water analysis and recommendations for the most effective products for your specific aquarium needs.
On occassion you may want to schedule a house call for an aquarium consultation or have our staff provide vacation visits to care for your aquarium while you are away.

We ship fish, corals and dry good products to all states. Additionally, we drill sumps and aquariums on site or in our store and we also setup and deliver aquariums.

Moving? Rest assured we can move your aquarium safely for you.
We also sell RO/DI water presalted and fresh and use only high quality Tropic Marin Pro Salt Mix in our water.